Denise Albrecht—former MSU Bobcat tennis coach—on the confrontational nature of contemporary politics: “When I was coaching and recruiting players, and our competitor—the University of Montana—a lot of times we were recruiting the same players. And I always made the point of not saying what’s negative about the University of Montana. And always say what MSU could provide and what our school is about. That’s how I would sell people. So it’s hard for me to talk about Kerry White.”
In the age of Trump, Denise Albrecht joins a wave of other women running in 2018
If she hasn’t already, Denise Albrecht plans to knock on your front door. She started making the rounds back in February, ringing bells, shaking hands and introducing herself to Big Sky.       Albrecht, a Democrat, is running to unseat incumbent Republican Rep. Kerry White in Montana House District... Continue Reading


It’s the only billboard you’ll see travelling the Gallatin Canyon, and it’s the source of years of contention. The Saunders Outdoor Advertising billboard was erected in 2009 and is currently the subject of a lawsuit between the owner and Gallatin County.
Current lawsuit over illumination could affect zoning requirements
Ever notice that billboard in the midst of Gallatin Canyon? It stands alone beneath Storm Castle Peak in the Beckman Flats area. And there it will... Continue Reading
A chat with Sister Sparrow’s Arleigh Kincheloe, headlining Music in the Mountains July 12
Former Big Sky local Michael Fox launching app to battle diabetes
And counseling intern Ian Anderson joins the team
But Strings Under the Big Sky doesn’t know when, if it’s coming back


N*SYNC founding member Chris Kirkpatrick has been coming to the BBBS Celebrity Tournament in Big Sky for a number of years. And this year was even better for him—he was able to visit with his young son, wife, family and friends between holes.
Anyone familiar with the sport of golf knows there’s a significant amount of frustration involved in a day on the course. That was not the case on Monday, July 9 when 33 teams hit the greens for the annual Big Brothers Big Sisters of Gallatin County Celebrity Golf Tournament.      Athletes, artists... Continue Reading

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