A photo shared by Big Sky County Water and Sewer District general manager Ron Edwards at the board meeting shows water flowing from test well 2 on the mountain. PHOTO BY JANA BOUNDS
Promising results in the drilling of test wells
The quest for water on the mountain was pursued with vigor by Big Sky County Water and Sewer District (BSCWSD) in early October in an effort to track the potential for usable water at a strong enough flow to prepare for the impending growth of Big Sky. The board is being proactive and so far, the... Continue Reading


Standing water sits in a trench created by a mini excavator in a wetland off Andesite Rd. PHOTO BY JANA BOUNDS
Wetland destruction remains unresolved
There is still no resolution to the damage done to the wetland off of Andesite Rd on lots 3 and 4 of the Northfork Creek Subdivision in mid-July. A... Continue Reading
The path to “Howl! A Montana Love Story”
In-depth study leads Big Sky County Water and Sewer board to alter rate structure
Big Sky County Water and Sewer District and Resort Tax team up to find a path forward
Resort Tax has first reading of amended taxability ordinance


Lone Peak High School Big Horns varsity volleyball team smiles as they prepare to battle at districts. PHOTO COURTESY MICHELLE HORNING
Lone Peak Big Horns varsity volleyball earned a hard-fought third place finish in the Class 11-C District Volleyball Tournament. It may have felt a little like the film “Groundhog Day”, as it has been a third place finish for the varsity team for the past three years. Still, the girls are talented... Continue Reading

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