Kathy House has spent her adult life educating the community’s children. PHOTO BY JANA BOUNDS
After 30 years of building the library system Kathy House plans on adventuring
Say the name Kathy House in the Big Sky community and watch the eyes of children and adults light up. As Big Sky School District librarian for the last 30 years, she has been a mentor to staff and students, changing the trajectory of lives with caring and the power of education. In September, when... Continue Reading


Just before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Big Sky Resort purchased RECs to retroactively compensate for energy used to operate its 38 ski lifts. PHOTO COURTESY JON RESNICK
What 100% renewable electric energy actually means
On Feb. 2, Boyne Resorts announced a purchase commitment with CMS Enterprises which resulted in 100% renewable electric energy at all Boyne resorts and facilities as of the first of the new year. This was possible in part by the purchase of renewable energy credits, or RECs. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a REC is generated when one mega-watt hour (MWh) of power is created and delivered to the electrical grid from a renewable source. One MWh of renewable power equals one REC, essentially. Two revenue streams are... Continue Reading
Actually, newly appointed Sheriff Dan Springer has been working hard in Gallatin County for a long time
A wonderful late birthday present
Moves, countermoves and community safety
Two men, a moose and a hiking stick


Dillavou has worked in New York City restaurants Charlie Bird, Marea and Maysville, and opened a restaurant with friends in New Orleans before switching to Family Meal in 2020. PHOTO COURTESY OF PHILLIP DILLAVOU
Family Meals by Phil offers clean dining experiences
Working in a restaurant at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic must have been wild. With so much uncertainty and awaiting decisions that likely left a person without a job, the stress levels are incomprehensible. Having a baby around the same time would have been... Continue Reading


Ophir Miners fifth and sixth grade team. PHOTO COURTESY MARA MITCHELL
Both Bighorn teams had to overcome an incredible amount of adversity this year. Both teams managed to achieve a lot of great things as well as representing their school honorably. They fought through every single game and repeatedly put forth performances that they could be proud of. Great work... Continue Reading

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