Morningstar Learning Center executive teacher Kelsey Hash brought back the annual yard sale to raise money for staff bonuses. PHOTO BY JANA BOUNDS



A clay Chinese tea set, the Deluxe Turntable edition of Scrabble and nearly every kind of toy a child could want – these are just a few examples of items sold at the recent community yard sale fundraiser. Twofold generosity from the community – and some solidly good deals – helped secure nearly $1,200 for Morningstar Learning Center (MLC) staff.

Executive teacher Kelsey Hash undertook organizing the June 6 yard sale to help fund staff bonuses – a means of showing appreciation for their hard work. The MLC yardsale had been commonplace for years, but dropped off. Hash brought it back with the help of seven staff volunteers who assisted with settingup, breaking down and pricing items. Second-hand items were dropped off by community members the week before.

“We want to give a shout-out to the community for donating,” she said and also wanted to thank all the volunteers.

Roxy’s donated coffee for the event and the weather held long enough for deals to be found and money raised.

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