Ousel Falls and Hummocks and Uplands are two of the areas of focus for trail maintenance and cleanup. PHOTO BY KEELY LARSON

National Trails Day

Across the state, and the country, the first Saturday in June is identified as National Trails Day.

According to the National Parks Service, the annual event is hosted by the American Hiking Society, “Which celebrates not only national scenic and historic trails, but all trails on public lands.”

The Gallatin River Task Force works to protect the Gallatin River through habitat restoration, water conservation and community education. PHOTO COURTESY OF ISABELLA VENDDRAMIN

BBQ Kickoff

Perhaps we are at the point where the continuum of community gatherings, social events and volunteer opportunities have moved past the year-plus cancellation period due to Covid.

Alexis Alloway encouraged people to focus more on the reduce and reuse components of the three R’s. PHOTO COURTESY OF BIG SKY SNOW FACEBOOK PAGE

Community recycling day

Big Sky Sustainability Network Organization (SNO) is hosting a community recycling day from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. on May 14 at the tennis court parking lot of the Big Sky Community Park. Glass bottles and jars, yard waste, scrap metal and electronic waste are accepted for this event.

 An iconic photo of the late Curtis Guillford, former head of lift operations at Big Sky Resort, when he was starter of an All Lifts Race in the early days of the competition. PHOTO COURTESY OF 1995 DIRTBAG KING BILL HICKEY

Hail the dirtbag

Intrinsic to the Big Sky Dirtbag culture is continuity. Beneath the crazy capes and crowns there exists a sense of homage for the wild ones who came before. Local lore is that Dirtbag Kings and Queens are selected for being the last ones to leave the party and the first ones to make tracks on the mountain.


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