Gallatin Rest Home residents and staff receive COVID-19 vaccinations

Joyce Santos, resident of the Gallatin Rest Home, barely flinched when she received the facility’s first COVID-19 vaccination alongside Gallatin Rest Home Administrator Darcel Vaughn. Another resident keenly observed the Dec. 29 proceedings. Santos said the vaccination did not hurt and she is doing well.

In all, twenty four residents and 33 staff members received vaccinations, representing 70% of residents and 50% of staff. Vaughn said staff and residents are thrilled about the possibilities the COVID-19 vaccine brings.

“This is a big step toward the reopening of the nursing home to visitors,” she said. The elderly population is regarded as the most vulnerable to effects from COVID-19 as the virus has swept through facilities across the nation.

Staff of area assisted living facilities have been creative in their attempts to help residents feel connected to friends and family outside, using things like car parades and plexiglass rooms so they can safely see and speak with their families.

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