By Susanne Hill and Erin Leonard

Why in the world would anyone get into the newspaper business these days?

We’ve been publishing the “new” Lone Peak Lookout since last December, and it’s time we told you why we’re back or why you might care.

 It’s simple really. We just happen to think local newspapers are important. That whole fourth estate thing actually matters. Without community journalism, towns are vulnerable to inadequate transparency of political decisions or public officials, and to a dwindling sense of belonging – or voice – in your own community.

 There’s nothing flashy about our approach. It’s good old-fashioned journalism – local, consistent, factual, unbiased and it makes you better members of your community. 

We want to be your partner in community. Not the community, in community itself. It’s about supporting one another through the good times and the tough times, reminding us of the stake we have in one another, and not forgetting that we are a community twelve months a year. 

Big Sky is alive with all sorts of people, each helping the other to be here. Everyone is intertwined and connected by this town, or they could be. We aim to contribute by equipping readers with information - telling the community’s stories, reporting the news and celebrating the good.

We really can’t focus on just one group to capture the full flavor of the community. What we can do is focus on just one community, Big Sky. There are other papers for other towns in the region (in fact, we publish some of those, too). 

So, think of the Lookout as your partner in community. Building community through accurate reporting, compelling feature stories and a credible marketing platform for cultivating business.

As publishers, that’s our commitment to Big Sky. And we sincerely look forward to earning your trust, your support, your input and your friendship.

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