Letting the community know about Meadowview

A request for approval of the Meadowview Condominium Development has been made to the Gallatin County Commissioners. This development is for a 52-unit residential “workforce housing” condominium subdivision located in Big Sky north of Little Coyote Road behind the tennis courts and ball fields. The projected access to this development will be a single road from Little Coyote located at the west edge of the tennis court parking lot. 

The owners of this property (Meadowview II, LLC) have requested relaxation of certain Gallatin County/Big Sky zoning requirements. This request states: “Relaxation of the required 60’ public right of way to a 32’ public right of way, relaxation of required pedestrian facilities on both sides of street to one pedestrian facility on the downhill side of the street and the elimination of the required 4’ boulevard, relaxation of the required 150’ centerline radius on the first curve on the proposed Arapaho Trail and requirements for secondary access.” 

This singular road, Arapaho Trail, is projected to have between 302 and 498 daily trips (Gallatin County Planning Department). Approval of relaxation of these standards results in substandard vehicular/pedestrian street facilities and a traffic and public safety concern. In case of an emergency, such as fire, accident, blizzards, earthquake, etc., restricted access to and from Meadowview Platt will occur. Daily usage of Little Coyote by residents, school bus, Skylink shuttle and others will adversely be affected by this development. 

The Gallatin County Commissioners will meet in Bozeman on April 24, 2018, for the first presentation of this Meadowview II, LLC request, to be presented by the Gallatin County Planning Board. To express your comments and concerns, you can email: Gallatin County Commission Attn: Steve White, Chairman, commissioners@gallatin.mt.gov and to tim.skop@gallatin.mt.gov (planning). 


Roger and Carolynn Brislawn, Big Sky 


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