The beginning of a reverse sunset over Lone Mountain.

Reverse sunset over Lone Mountain

Smoke brings light to darkness

Bending northwest from the Bacon Rind Fire, along Buck Ridge, over Pioneer Mountain and clear to Moonlight there was smoke. Lots from Madison County. It crowned the horizon for at least 180 degrees at pullouts along Lone Mountain Trail the evening of Wednesday, Aug. 15. 

At one pullout overlooking Lone Moose Meadows, the Lookout shot this timelapse, which appears to capture a sunset in reverse. As darkness is supposed to be enveloping the snowless slopes of Big Sky, the setting sun in the west appears to bounce its rays off a layer of smoke and light up Andesite Mountain at a time when the night sky is usually growing darker. 

Other ideas about this remarkable sunset? Post your thoughts and check in with @lonepeaklookout on Facebook and Twitter for updates about active fires in the area.—DM

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