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Death investigation in Big Sky

A person has been cited for obstructing a death investigation in Big Sky. The individual’s name as well as a photograph of his van were found at the scene of the death investigation on Curley Bear Road. The defendant was tracked to Silverbow Condominiums on May 12, when he allegedly refused to cooperate and resisted arrest.


BRIDGE to safety

Parkview West residents cheered as a Big Sky Fire Department fire truck crossed their bridge for the first time in years.

“The firetruck created truly a giddy feeling when I saw it come across!” resident Angie DeWispelaere said.

This is a momentous event for a long-time Big Sky neighborhood, noted resident Linda Goldinger.

Big Sky election results

Big Sky Resort Area Tax District 1% for infrastructure (for or against): 

For: 722 – 69.49%

Against: 317 – 30.51% 


Big Sky County Water and Sewer Board (pick three): 

Richard “Dick” Fast: 449 – 32.54% 

Mike Wilcynski: 340 – 24.64% 


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