Wild families abound

Yellowstone National Park and in particular, the country from Tower Junction to Pebble Creek along the Lamar Valley, truly is America’s Serengeti. With the onset of the green grass, the amount of wildlife on display is amazing.

Peak flow in 1997 pushed water over House Rock, challenging boaters like Kevin Kelleher.

Best the Crest

Head scratching and guessing about when the Gallatin River will peak is a local pastime. This year, Gallatin River Guides is channeling everyone’s hydro-clairvoyance into its “Best the Crest” contest. Drop by the shop and guess the peak cfs (cubic feet per second) for $5 and the day it will peak for $15.

Meet the 2018 Big Buddies. Left to right: Tristan, Kole, Eli, Frankie, Pepper, Ms. Jolene, Bri, Vanessa, Mina, Mayla and Frankie. Not pictured: Lily, Solae, Olivia and Ethan.


Calling all Bigs! There are Littles out there looking for a match. So says Jolene Clark, branch coordinator for the Big Sky Chapter of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program—adult mentors for the BBBS Community Program are always needed.

Seeing green

There are, presumably, lots of secrets in Big Sky as in any small town. But one well-kept secret keeps local kids guessing all winter long: The title of the Big Sky Broadway musical that will be performed in June.

“Melting Snow ‘Round the Creek.”

Express yourself

Twenty-two-year-old Matilda “Silly” Tilly Mattox was enjoying a sunny off-season afternoon, taking advantage of the free time to catch up on one of her favorite activities: painting. She said it’s a form of expression akin to journaling for her, a pastime she also partakes in. But with art, her words take a visual form. 

Sarah Blechta at the resort tax board candidates forum in April.

Blechta, Johnson win

Results came in around 8:20 p.m.. Steve Johnson was headed back to Big Sky after a fly tying session at the Warriors and Quiet Waters Ranch north of Bozeman. Sarah Blechta was at the Mountain Haven Salon.


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