On Aug. 3, The Crossing Choir was practicing “the easy stuff,” songs they would be performing alongside Montana community choirs. But their big push was to begin the groundwork on “Montaña,” the first ever, to their knowledge, 24-hour choral film performance. If all goes well, it will debut in Montana in 2021.

A day-long tribute to the Wild West

Professional chamber choir The Crossing is wasting no time during their short stay in Big sky. They’ll perform a number of shows, collaborate with Montana community choirs, and even create the frameworks of what will become a performance unlike any other—a 24-hour act which combines historical film accompanied by the chorus. 

School board update

With just a few weeks of summer left before classes commence, Big Sky School District Superintendent Dustin Shipman was pleased to tell the BSSD Board of Directors on Aug. 3 that all the hiring had been completed and the district was fully staffed. 

Thunderstorm at sunset, looking from Swan Lake Flat in Yellowstone National Park at a lightning strike on Electric Peak.       Ron Holle, with the Vaisala Network Operations Center in Tucson, Ariz. reminds lightning watchers not to say “bolt.”       “Don’t use that word,” said Holle. “It doesn’t exist. It’s a flash or a stroke."

Don't say bolt

The famed geographer Henry Gannett was about 50 feet from the top of an unexplored summit not far from Big Sky on a stormy July day when he felt an electrical current pass through his body.

Rainbow Ranch’s Operations Manager and Certified Sommelier Dale Roberts has been in the food and beverage industry for years. He took on the task of re-envisioning the ranch’s wine list, and hopes to bring it back to its glory days. One of his favorite wines right now? Pasanau Ceps Nous, a Grenache-based blend from Spain.

Nutty with notes of blackberry

Wine Spectator recently announced its annual restaurant awards, and it came as no surprise to the wine experts at Buck’s T-4 and Rainbow Ranch Lodge that their restaurants made the list—they’ve done so for decades.                                                                        Both Big Sky restaurants received the Award of Excellence, wh

“And Big Sky is half built out. We’ve got a ways to go,” said Ron Edwards, explaining the need for upgrades to the W&S system. Here water fowl cruise the upper storage pond in Meadow Village. Notice the bathtub rings—a sign the water level is dropping as the district powers through the irrigation season.

The irrigation race begins

“In the West, it is said, water flows uphill toward money. And it literally does.” 


Author Marc Reisner wasn’t talking about Big Sky when he made this observation in his classic 1986 book “Cadillac Desert,” but this community’s current water challenges prove his point.

SolarBee during maiden voyages on a Spanish Peaks holding pond.

SolarBee to the rescue

The Spanish Peaks Mountain Club maintains two storage ponds for reclaimed water that are critical to the function of Big Sky’s sewer system. One of them—known as the Hole 10 Pond—has experienced some minor odor problems caused by anoxic water. 

      Anoxic means it is depleted of dissolved oxygen.


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