not so average jane

Photo by Jana Bounds

Not So Average Jane-For the love of Big Sky practice social distancing and stay put

Writer’s note: It is safe to say I have an undeniable soft spot for Dr. Dunn. A few years ago, I had a bad case of influenza which led to pneumonia. My situation was a nearly textbook example of how a preexisting condition – in my case, asthma – can allow for a virus to wreak havoc and lead to complications.


A decade in Big Sky

Being a single mother in a ski town presents challenges – Kristen Hovey knows. Now a decade in Big Sky, she has stayed because she loves the area, the community and her friend-family. Still, she prepares to leave at the end of every season.

Haley Van Heel traveled the nation and the world for work before she moved to Big Sky. PHOTO COURTESY HALEY VAN HEEL

Not So Average Jane: Designing life

Haley Van Heel seems to be in constant motion between playing for the Hillbilly Huckers in community softball, coaching Big Sky girls in summer volleyball, and working fulltime as Design and Photography Manager at the Yellowstone Club. A Montana native, she has become a familiar face in town after her three-year tenure at the club. 

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