Angela Enriquez with her fiancé Walter Pettiford and their two dogs: Baby and Camo. PHOTO COURTESY OF ANGELA ENRIQUEZ

The escape home

Angela Enriquez has carved out a life for herself in Big Sky far different from the one from which she escaped. She says that many people are running from something when they land in the area. As for her, she was getting away from an abusive relationship.

Lyle Qualls was always comfortable in a saddle, although he never did find it romantic to look at the south ends of northbound cattle. PHOTO COURTESY OF ELIZABETH WARRINGTON

The odyssey of a cowboy’s life

To meet Lyle Qualls was to love him. Strangers were never strangers for long. His wry wit made him a beloved member of the cowboy/ranching community and he wrote cowboy poetry for over three decades. He lived well – boldly and kindly, with a mischievous grin and a joke always on the tip of his tongue.

Seeking adventure and a new kind of life, former school teachers Chris De Ville and Emily Dearborn moved to Montana from Massachusetts. Their Saint Patrick’s Day celebration in Big Sky consisted of De Ville’s shepherd’s pie made with lamb and served with Guinness. PHOTO BY JANA BOUNDS

Awkward to awesome

The relationship between Chris De Ville and Emily Dearborn started from a kind of slow burn. But at the very beginning it would have been more as if someone dumped a dozen buckets of water on a bonfire. After their initial introduction any future spark should have been impossible.

Taylor Cummings started running marathons a few years ago and has now run the Boston Marathon twice. PHOTO COURTESY OF TAYLOR CUMMINGS

Back in the game

Lone Peak High School Big Horns Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Taylor Cummings reflects on her life and realizes how much basketball has shaped her. From nearly the time she was old enough to walk, the game has always been there.

Hannah Johansen is one of the people who helped shape Big Sky. PHOTO BY JANA BOUNDS

Compassion is the way

Hannah Johansen has an ethereal quality; like she stepped from this world into another and returned with enhanced wisdom and kindness – which actually is accurate. There is a gentleness to her founded in the respect of others’ journeys, and much of that was crafted from the gauntlet life presented her from an early age.


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