Photo courtesy of Patricia VanGalen

Resilience and strength

Recent full-time Big Sky resident Patricia VanGalen is vibrant and strong. She strolled into Roxy’s thoroughly energized before she took a sip of the coffee. The 65 year old mother of two had been exercising at Moving Mountains.


A decade in Big Sky

Being a single mother in a ski town presents challenges – Kristen Hovey knows. Now a decade in Big Sky, she has stayed because she loves the area, the community and her friend-family. Still, she prepares to leave at the end of every season.

John and Ewa Zirkle enjoy quality time together. John learned to speak her native language – Polish. PHOTO COURTESY EWA ZIRKLE

The unknown JZ

That feeling – the one found when securing that stretch of fresh powder and sharing it with friends on a bluebird day in Big Sky – John Zirkle loves that feeling. Zen days like that are works of art etched into memories. He wants to extend that feeling of connection and joy.

Morgan Doud met Big Sky raised Justin McKillop in college. Now, the couple has settled in Big Sky. PHOTO COURTESY MORGAN DOUD

New place for an old soul

Morgan Doud is the product of a beautiful love story. Before her parents were married, her father always had a feeling something was wrong with him. He went for testing, discovered he has Muscular Dystrophy and told his fiance to marry someone else, someone without his struggles. 

Lewis the famous llama

In many ways the last few years of Lewis’s life are a pretty good representation of Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey.” The hero struggles, finds conflict in the ordinary world, has a “call to adventure.” He heads into the special world where he endures tests and along the way discovers allies and enemies.

Haley Van Heel traveled the nation and the world for work before she moved to Big Sky. PHOTO COURTESY HALEY VAN HEEL

Designing life

Haley Van Heel seems to be in constant motion between playing for the Hillbilly Huckers in community softball, coaching Big Sky girls in summer volleyball, and working fulltime as Design and Photography Manager at the Yellowstone Club. A Montana native, she has become a familiar face in town after her three-year tenure at the club. 

An intellectual and a renegade, Beau Blessing loves Montana and is focused on building a business here.  PHOTO COURTESY BEAU BLESSING

You don’t know Beau

Beau Blessing could be called Big Sky’s Renaissance Man. He has dipped his toe into nearly everything – law school, getting a CDL to drive a rafting bus, being a rafting guide, graduate school for information systems and operations management, teaching skiing.


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