76-year-old Merrill Arbuckle has been teaching archery at the Jack Creek Preserve Youth Summer Camp since it began 18 years ago. He’s been practicing the sport for most of his life, and hunting in the Jack Creek area for decades. In fact, the biggest bull elk he ever harvested, came from the area. He said elk numbers declined after the area was clear cut in the 1970’s, but it’s still a great place to hunt. He shot his first elk in 1960, and now has 58 sets of ivories in his collection.

Take a shot

On a warm summer morning off of Jack Creek Road, down a long, winding gravel drive, past several groups of cattle, elk bugles emanated from the woods.

Young futbol players practice at the Big Sky Community Park on Aug. 7.

Are you ready for some futbol?

Grab your vuvuzelas, the world’s most popular sport is finally being offered as a club for Big Sky youth. Kim Dickerson and Tony Coppola, along with a number of other interested community members, have been working since the spring of 2018 to get a club established here, and in early August they were awarded nonprofit status.

Kodi Boersma is one of three seniors returning to the LPHS volleyball team.

Battle In Big Sky

LPHS Head Volleyball Coach Missy Botha describes the upcoming Battle In Big Sky Invitational as a, “A nice warm up. Irons out the wrinkles. Gets them ready to actually get their game faces on.”

The Big Horns finished last season with an 8-2 record in conference play, “which is the best in-conference record to date,” noted Botha. 

There’s always a little time to toss a disc during course maintenance.

Acing it

It may not be 150 acres of perfectly maintained turf, but the disc golf course at Big Sky Community Park needs maintenance to keep it up to snuff. And it takes a volunteer to step up to the plate to make that happen. 

     Enter Brent Jacobs.

Rider Michael Grimland.

Lone Peak’s Revenge

“It has no mercy. It is steep. It is long. And it is everything that makes enduro racing fun. There is no shortage of awesome in store.”

That’s some of the knobby-tire hype flying around like trail gravel on social media and the web as we get closer to start time for Lone Peak’s Revenge.

If softball games are on, there’s a good chance you’ll find Dave Schwalbe at the fields. He’s volunteered for the community co-ed league since it began in 2000 and has seen one field grow to two and the number of teams double as well.

Play ball

Players were just starting to arrive for a night of co-ed softball as Big Sky Community Organization volunteer Dave Schwalbe gave the field a once-over before competition began. He didn’t have a game at 6 p.m., but was there anyway, ready to step up as umpire if he was needed. 


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