training for the long haul

The Training Corner

Q: Hi Pat! I just hit 40, and registered for a Spartan 10K / 25-obstacle mountain race a year from now, on my 41st birthday. My three kids are in school full days, and my business as a website designer allows for a flexible schedule. What’s my incentive? To test myself, to see if I can finish in one piece, with a respectable time.

Training for the Long Haul

Q: About that health-span idea …. My take is that death is part of life. When my number is up, it’s up. I cannot buy into the unrelenting message of manic self-care in the pursuit of health, guaranteed safety [no such thing], and a 100-year lifespan as my sole purpose in life.

The Training Corner

Q: Is it true that you cannot out-train a bad diet? Or a BIG healthy diet? I have an active job, and train 3X/ week pretty hard, but can’t seem to move my belt notch. I am stronger and suck less wind, but still carry an extra 30 pounds. Any practical tips? Joe, 45

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