Lone Peak on the horizon from the roof of BASE. PHOTO BY JANA BOUNDS
Funded by the community, for the community
Lone Peak dominated the horizon and a sea of blue around it, a handful of the people who have been instrumental in funding and forming Big Sky’s BASE stood on the roof, taking photo opportunities, delighting in seeing it come to fruition. Dan Ross, Langlas & Associates project superintendent,... Continue Reading


Public participation is a part of the process
After the release of the first set of 2020 census data, it was recognized that with the state’s population growth, Montana will receive a second congressional seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. The House of Representatives has 435 seats total, and each state must have at least one seat. After the first 50 are assigned, a formula based on a state’s total population and number of potential seats is used to determine how many more a state may receive. The idea is that each district in each state represents about the same amount of people... Continue Reading
American Legion Post 99’s biggest fundraiser kicks off for the shoulder season
Yellowstone Club submits first application of its kind in Montana
Spring Break did not give some of the kids a break from COVID
2,842 COVID-19 vaccination doses administered


Big Sky kids show their love of Harbor deWaard during the 2020 Harbor’s Hero Run, an event that has taken place for the last seven years. PHOTO COURTESY HARBOR’S HERO RUN
7th Annual Harbor’s Hero Run set for May 22
Harbor deWaard was an adorable little boy known for his sweet grin, his love of superheroes and wearing capes. The Big Sky community mourned when Harbor took ill. Throughout history there have always been viruses in the world, taking loved ones away long before Covid-... Continue Reading


Q: Hi Pat! I am flat-out scheduled to the max right now. No, I am not whining, but I am concerned that my fitness is taking a dive. I’m a working wife and a mother of two, and new to this kids-sports-schedule thing. Granted, this is short-term, but it's the reality of many working moms, moms who... Continue Reading

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Lone Peak Lookout

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